Hotel Kummer Vienna

May 30, 2015 | By Top Hotels 4U


Vienna is a beautiful city where any tourist can do and see many things at any given moment. With outstanding public transport system, trips to top destinations can be enjoyable even without the presence of one’s own car from back home. Weather may tend to change suddenly though, from a sunny day in one day followed by a rainy day or vice versa.

Along the city’s busiest street is an attractive public monument built during the imperial days. Hotel Kummer Vienna was constructed the Kummer family in 19th century. Erected in response to a period when railways was aggressively lengthened to give way for new paths of tourism and commerce to and from central Europe.

The bedrooms in Hotel Kummer Vienna have soundproof windows and stone balconies. Each room is different from one another, physically. Superior features are found on some rooms, while others are adorned with deluxe furnishings. Regardless of the differences, all rooms are well-lighted and spacious. Basically equipped with air-conditioning, television with free movie channels, telephone with voice mail function, trouser press and hairdryer. Furthermore, exclusive room service is available from 7:00 in the morning to 9:00 in the evening.
It’s restaurant is newly renovated and houses a variety of culinary choices. From excellent traditional Viennesse specialties to international cuisines, dining it the hotel’s restaurants is memorable especially at nighttime when dinner can be served overlooking the seasonal film festivals.

The Hotel Kummer Vienna is not only for tourists who visit the city for pleasure purposes, but also for those who opt to do business transactions. Suited for seminars, conferences and meetings, the hotel’s function rooms are filled with the latest modern technology.

Aside from being air conditioned, its minimum capacity is forty people. Truly a convenient place to conduct work related activities.
Help and assistance are readily available from the friendly staff of the hotel, easily found within the downtown area of Vienna.

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