10 Top Nightspots in Paris

May 30, 2015 | By Top Hotels 4U


Life of a tourist visiting a new place usually revolves on what he/she has done in the daytime. Surely, if one is on tour, the top tourist destinations are visited. Most often, the night time is spent resting after a tiresome day of walking, commuting, photographing, paying, eating, etc etc etc. But like a yin yang symbol, there will always be a black within white, vice versa. And so, there will be those well awake at night that head on to the nearest establishment open. Not particularly restaurants that offers food and drinks. Here are the best nightlife in Paris.
World Palace – With address at 32-34, Rue Marbeuf of 8eme arrondissement, this place offers live music and dj played entertainment. Owned by three movie personalities, open from 6 pm to 6am, the admission is only 25 euros.
Les Bains – Having only one type of entertainment, DJ music, the newly renovated with top sound quality compensates this night spot at 7 Rue du Bourg-l’Abb. Open from Wednesday to Sunday within 8pm to noon and an admission rate of 20 euros, great house, rock, dicso, R&B and soul music genre fill the atmosphere.
Kong – Admission is free. Either a tourist is hesitant to proceed to such a place that charges no entrance fee for fear of a catch or be highly motivated to rush into a nightspot and risk whatever is seen and heard inside. The former would not be the case since this establishment has a Japanese schoolgirl themed interior with erotic views of both the Parisian sky and model patrons dancing to music played by DJs. Located at 1 Rue du Pont-Neuf .
Batofar – Situated at the southwest portion of Paris, 11, quai Francois Mauriac of 8eme arrondissement plays trance, house and techno music spun by international DJs until 5 in the morning of the following day. A lot of activities goes inside the dance floor that with just an affordable rate of 15 euros, this place is filled during weekends.
Buddha Bar – Though 8eme arrondissement is quite populated with nightspots, this one stands out from the crowd with its gigantic Buddha sculpture as its façade. The well known religious figure is of Asian origin, it goes without saying that the food offered here are from Asia. Open from noon to 2pm, 4pm – 2am on weekdays and 4pm to 3 am on weekends.
Rex Club – A nightspot existing since the 80s, with address at 5 bd Poissonnire Bone-Nouvelle, this frequented place stood the test of time with its famous DJs playing house, techno, reggae, funk, rock and world tunes.
Le Cab – Found at 1 er arrondisment, an ultra-modern techno-house nightspot near the Louvre. Its restaurant opens Tue to Sat at 8pm to 11:30pm while the Club from Wed to Sat, midnight to 6pm. Large beds and all-white VIP composes the establishment who has one of the toughest door policy in Paris.
Barrio Latino – Its interior are wrought-iron ceilings and velvet sofas, its regular customers are mixed students and office workers and it closes at an early time of 2am.
Le Baron – On any given night, 11pm to 5am, outside the bar are long lines of people willing to undergo screening which seems a rude attitude towards those who just want to have fun. But once inside, a warm welcoming feeling is felt from the atmosphere and music.
Elysee Montmartre – The past meets the present. Its exterior is from the 19th century with interiors from the 21st century. Live shows, salsa and reggae are just the few form of entertainment offered in this club.
With blood bumping venues such as these listed above, the old cliché “sleep all day, party all night” could very well be changed to “tour all day, party all night.” –sleeping in between.