Lutetia Hotel Paris

May 30, 2015 | By Top Hotels 4U


Situated in the center of one of the most fashionable districts of Paris is the Lutetia Hotel Paris. Distance away from River Seine, Notre Dame Cathedral, amazing designer studios and boutique shops on the Left Bank.

Its Art Deco façade and Gustave Eiffel welcoming statue, together with photos of artists that have stayed in the hotel, is a good indication that the hotel is special and complete with artistic surprises. The Lutetia Hotel Paris is a known place for artists, politicians and writers.

Its busy lobby has a great edginess with works of art displayed by well known contemporary artists such as Arman, Philippe Hiquily, Thierry Bisch and Cesar. Full of Art Deco architecture, crystal chandeliers, period furniture, and jazz music through the much known Lutetia Bar, you will be engrossed in a great Parisian atmosphere.

Lutetia Hotel Paris rooms are very clean and well organized. The atmosphere is great and the food is excellent together with is service. The staff will do their best to serve you better. Concierge was very knowledgeable and helpful when you need their service. Even issues about health you can surely ask the staff help and they can call the doctor that you need. Since most of the staff is multilingual you will not have a hard time communicating with them.

You will also enjoy Eiffel Tower which you can view from several suites and rooms where the traditional styling of the 1930 is mixed with the latest amenities expected of today’s discerning traveler. The Eiffel suite not only has elegant furnishings, it also has a great view of the Eiffel Tower. Nice views of the tower in unlike any other when seen in this suite. If you have extra bucks, why not stay in the Eiffel suite instead.