Cheap Hotels in Vienna

May 30, 2015 | By Top Hotels 4U


The capital and largest city of Austria is Vienna. Amazing cultural experience is abundant in this wonderful historic city, situated near Danube River. Its cosmopolitan city provides music, art, wine, waltzes and pastries to travelers all over the world. There is a huge range of experiences in the city from politics to food.

If you are planning to visit Vienna it is best to search online for cheap hotels in Vienna prior to your trip. It is highly recommended to book your hotel before you reach it, because the city is a famous destination and it is best to have reservations earlier.

An ideal time to visit is during summer since the weather is great. The high season is usually from April to October, though it may be very hot in the month of July. You can also visit Austria during winter since the city is beautiful during this season. It is best if you choose a cheap hotel in Vienna near the international airline to have easy access upon arrival and during departure.

In terms of transportation, you can use Vienna Transport network that includes streetcars, buses and subways. A bus is available from the airport to your chosen cheap hotel in Vienna. Within the city, the common transport is the Landstrasse train station, its subways can easily be reached. Vienna cards worth $20 can be bought to have 72 hours of unlimited train rides.

If you want go camping there are lots of campsites around Vienna that offers affordable accommodations as well as low priced equipment rental. You may pay $50 per person per night for a campsite, including tent rental.

Cheap hotels in Vienna provide lower costs of about $50 compared to the recognizable chains. You can make some arrangements if you want to be visited in your private home from your local tourist office. Living n Vienna is expensive, so it is an ideal choice to be looking for cheap rates.