10 Top Movies about Paris

May 30, 2015 | By Top Hotels 4U


One thing that I learned from school is to seek visual aids when trying to gather information on any interest. And so, in seeking data for Paris, I have selected these top ten movies that show scenes taken at the city of lights. These are not personal choice, rather a compilation of what other websites say the best movie sets in Paris were.
French Kiss – A 1995 romantic comedy film that starred Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. Hotel George V is where one of the characters stayed. Eiffel Tower, Louvre Pyramid, Arc de Triomphe, Rive Droite and Montmarte were the background during the movie’s climax, while Gare Saint-Lazare train station was the last area shown about Paris.
Amelie – A Academy Award nominated comedy film of 2001 that starred Audrey Tautou. Shot entirely within Montmarte of 18th arrondissement, the highest point of Paris. Some scenes showed Cathedral of Notre Dame, Basilica of the Sacre Coeur and St. Martin Canal.

Before Sunset– A 2004 sequel to Before Sunrise, this film was shot in fifteen days and noted to use steadicam. The movie starts of from historical Shakespeare and Company bookstore of 5th arrondissement, followed by a real-time 11 minutes of long take from the bookstore to a café, a garden and a bateau mouche within Paris. The succeeding scenes are from inside a rented car and an apartment.
Gigi – Winner of nine Academy Awards, this 1958 musical film is based from a novella of the same title. The plot circled around high society Parisians of Bois de Boulogne in a 20th century Paris.
Forget Paris – A 1995 romantic comedy that showcases just the streets of Paris. Though most of the scenes are not in Paris, the idea that love and marriage can prosper “from” Paris made this movie memorable.
Sabrina – A comedy drama film first released in 1954 and a remake in 1995. A not so lengthy shot of Paris seen when one of the lead characters went to study in a culinary school (for the 1954 version) while fashion internship at Pont des Arts (in 1995 version).
An American in Paris – Declared culturally, historically and aesthetically significant, this 1951 musical film was shot in Hollywood. Working in location was avoided during this time but precise attention was given I producing Paris backgrounds.
The Da Vinci Code – The most latest film in this list, released in 2006, a novel with the same title was the basis of this movie. Though most of the plot revolved within the city of Paris, only a few were actually shot at the exact location such as the Louvre. Other scenes depicting Westminster Abbey and Saint-Sulpice were done at studios.
Charade – A Golden Globe nominee, this 1963 suspense thriller and romantic comedy film is actually shot on location at Paris. Selected areas still exist up to today, like Theatre Vrai Guignolet along Champs Elysees, Les Halles market, American Express Office, Pont au Double and quai de Montebello along Seine River and many others. The movie had a remake on 2002, entitled The Truth about Charlie was also shot at Paris.
Hunchback of Notre Dame –The only animated film in the list, this movie adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel plot revolves within Notre Dame Cathedral. Animators based their drawings after an actual visitation of the famous landmark as well as hundreds of photos to be faithful to the architecture and details.
Movies depicting Paris are endless just like interesting destinations in France’s largest city is. One thing is for certain, whether it be the background scenes of the city or the story itself, you will surely fall in love with the capital of France. Indeed it is worth calling the romance city as well.